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Mann Law Firm PLLC is composed of experienced Texas lawyers with sound judgment, extensive expertise and exceptional skills.  The firm’s goal is simple: Provide legal services that are of the highest quality with an innovative and progressive approach to the practice of law.  The firm recognizes that to be at the forefront of its profession, it must be committed to staying on top of current trends and developments in the law.  With this in mind, the firm’s lawyers have remained extremely active in continuing education programs throughout the state.

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Mann Law Firm PLLC’s mediators are committed to creative thinking and meaningful resolution.  The firm’s mediators are seasoned, each having mediated hundreds of cases.  They are active in local, statewide and national mediation organizations and have provided educational lectures and active skill training to mediator candidates in Houston, Texas.

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Mann Law Firm PLLC’s arbitrators serve on several statewide and national arbitration rosters and regularly preside over a multitude of matters including consumer law, property tax appeals, medical billing, and securities.

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Mann Law Firm PLLC is located near Greenway Plaza, just minutes from the Houston Galleria area:


                                                                  Mann Law Firm PLLC
                                                       3104 Edloe Street, Suite 201
                                                                       Houston, Texas
                                                             Telephone (713) 893-8960
                                                                   Fax (281) 500-6995

Our mission is to provide excellent legal and ADR services through advocacy, education, and attention to detail.  We will approach our work with integrity, innovation, and earnestness with the understanding that our words, deeds, and actions must reflect well upon our profession.

As attorneys, we are active advocates in state and federal courts throughout Texas, representing individuals, corporations and small businesses.  As mediators, we have helped hundreds of people work through their disputes.  As arbitrators, we are committed to ensuring that the parties receive a fair and impartial hearing and to provide the parties with a resolution that is faster and less expensive than a trial.  Our firm believes that maintaining the fairness and integrity of the American legal system is crucial to health of our Nation’s economy and the financial well-being of its citizens and businesses. 


The attorneys at Mann Law Firm are licensed to practice Texas, including all Texas federal district courts and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.  The attorneys at Mann Law Firm are also Certified Mediators and have met the requirements of Chapter 154.052(a) and (b) of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code to mediate civil cases as well as family law matters.

June A. Mann and David Aaron DeSoto are licensed attorneys in the State of Texas but are not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.